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Trello Integration & Power-Up

Trello Integration & Power-Up

Trello is one of the most known and easy to use project & task management systems available in the market and, because of that, we are very happy to provide integration between bitPerk projects and Trello boards.

In this article we explain how to quickly integrate your bitPerk project to a Trello board before to start using all features that bitPerk has to offer when integrated to Trello.

1. First Steps - Before Integrating

Before integrating you need to make sure that you have a bitPerk project and Trello board created.

Regarding bitPerk project, it can be a project for that you was already invited or, you can also create your own project by clicking on "creating a new project", filling New Project form information and then clicking on "Create".

Picture 1 - Creating a new project

Picture 2 - Filling new project information

Don't forget to make sure also that a Trello board is created for your project.

Picture 3 - Created Trello board

2. Setting Up Integration and Linking Project to a Trello Board

All right! Now that you have already bitPerk project and, also a Trello board for that, let's step-by-step setup our integration with Trello in bitPerk.

First step is to click on "integrations" (project settings) in the left menu bar.

Picture 4 - Click on "integrations".

Then, from the available options, you need to select/click on "Trello".

Picture 5 - Select/click on Trello.

This will take you to the Trello integration configuration page, where you need to fill the "API Key" and "API Token" in order to connect your bitPerk project to your Trello account.

In order to quickly get this information, we added a link in bitPerk (as shown in the picture below).

Picture 6 - Use the provided link to obtain API Key and Token.

This link will open in another window a page under Trello domain from where you can immediately see and copy the API Key and paste it in bitPerk required field.

Picture 7 - Copy here the API Key.

Picture 8 - Paste here the copied API Key.

In the same page, there is a link for generating an API Token as well.

Picture 9 - Click here for generating a Token.

By clicking in this link, Trello will ask for your authorization before allowing bitPerk to have access to your Trello account.

Picture 10 - Trello authorization page.

Picture 11 - After checking, click on "allow".

Then, after clicking on "allow", it will open a page from where you can copy the generated API Token.

Picture 12 - Copy the generated API Token.

Then with the API Key and API Token filled in bitPerk (Trello Integration page), you just need to click on "connect" and, bitPerk will be now connected to your Trello account and show a list of your Trello board from where you can click and select the board that you want to connect to your bitPerk project.

Picture 13 - Paste the Token here and click on "Connect".

Picture 14 - Select/click on the Trello board to link it to bitPerk project.

If everything is ok and executed as explained, you'll notice that bitPerk shows now that your bitPerk project is now linked to Trello.

Picture 15 - bitPerk project now is linked to Trello.

3. Linking your Trello Username

After connecting your bitPerk project to a Trello board, another required step is to inform your Trello username to bitPerk.

For that, just click on "Usernames" in the left menu bar and then, in the Trello username section add your Trello username (without "@") and click on "save".

Picture 16 - click on "usernames".

Picture 17 - insert your Trello username and click on "Save".

4. Installing bitPerk power-up in your Trello board

Well done! If the former steps were accomplished successfully, you have your bitPerk project integrated to a Trello board.

A last step, before going ahead and start using bitPerk and Trello together is to install bitPerk power-up in your Trello board.

For that, first you need to access the Power-Up directory from your Trello board as shown in the picures below.

Picture 18 - click on "show menu" in the top right corner.

Picture 19 - click then on "power-ups" in the righ menu list.

This will open the Trello Power-Up directory where you can use the search box for finding and adding/installing bitPerk power-up in your Trello board (as shown in the pictures below).

Picture 19 - click on "add" button from bitPerk power-up.

Picture 20 - check the terms and then click on "add".

All right! you have now your bitPerk project integrated to your Trello board and, also added/installed bitPerk power-up to your Trello board.

5. Trello bitPerk Power-Up 101

Great! Now let's learn how bitPerk Power-Up works and how to use it in you project/board.

First, if your bitPerk power-up is successfuly installed/added, you'll be able to see it in the power-ups list from your right side menu in Trello board (like in the picture below).

Picture 21 - Power-up installed/added.

Regarding how bitPerk power-up works in Trello, this is pretty simple. I will allow to add Perk Points to your Trello cards and so, aside from default Trello card information like title, description, members assigned, labels and so on, you'll be able also to click on "Perks" from the card menu and define how many Perk Points will be paid for the accomplishment of this card.

Picture 22 - Adding Perk Points to a Trello card.

Picture 23 - Perk Points added.

Don't forget also to define the assigned members in your card. They will receive the Perk Points as soon the task/card is accomplished as agreed.

Picture 24 - Member assigned to the card.

By the way, speaking of members assigned to a card, here are some common questions:

  • What happens to the Perk Points when there are more than one member assigned to a single card?
    • The Perk Points will be equally shared between them. If your team don't like the idea of a equal distribution for the task/card, you can always breakdown it into different cards.
  • How do I give Perk Points to team members like project managers or quality analysts?
    • bitPerk allows you to create reward rules to reward members that are not diretcly assigned to Trello cards (then you don't need to assign them directly and still reward them).

After adding the Perk Points to your Trello cards, you can see then also from the board view without need to opening the card details to check it.

Picture 25 - A card with Perk Points assigned.

Regarding the reward payment (Perk Points), after defining it for a card, this will be executed according to the reward rules you create within bitPerk platform.

So, if you created a rule for paying the Perk Points when a card with an specific label (let's say "Cool Stuff") is moved from the column "In Progress" to "Done" and, by an specific person/role (let's say the quality analyst), bitPerk will make sure that payment only happens when these criteria are fully accomplished.

Picture 26 - Example of a card transition that can execute payment.


This is basically you integrate bitPerk project to a Trello board and, how you add and use the bitPerk power-up in your Trello board on a daily basis.

More information about how to create reward rules and more, can be found in this documentation/reference page.

If there is something missing in your opinion, feel free to drop us a message!