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Trello Integration & Power-Up

Trello Integration & Power-Up

Trello is one of the most known and easy to use project & task management systems available in the market and, because of that, we are very happy to provide an integration between Yera and Trello.

1. First Steps - Before Integrating

Before integrating make sure that you have Admin rights in Yera and Trello.

NB! The User that creates the integration needs to be an Admin on the Trello board that they create an integration with. If you dont see the Workspace options in the left menu bar, such as 'Members' and 'Settings', you don't have Admin rights for that Trello Workspace

Under Workspace Members - you can see the boards that you have access to and by clicking on them you can see the access rights you have

You can see if you have Admin acces or not (Normal access)

You need to be an Admin on the boards, you want to create an Integration for! If you aren't, ask the Admin to give you Admin rights in Trello or for them to create the integration.

If you don't see this part of the menu in Yera, then you don't have Workspace Admin rights and can't create integrations

2. Setting Up Integration

All right! Now you can create an integration with Trello in Yera.

Click on the 'Admin' menu button

Click on 'Integrations'

Then, from the available options, click on 'Trello'.

This will take you to the Trello configuration page, where you need to fill the 'Integration name', 'API Key' and 'API Token' in order to connect Yera to your Trello account. In order to quickly get this information, we added links in Yera. Click on 'here'

This link will open a page under the Trello domain where you can see and copy the API Key and paste it in yhe required field in Yera.

In the same page, there is a link for generating an API Token as well. Click on it

Trello will now ask for your authorization before allowing Yera to have access to your Trello account.

Scroll down and click 'Allow'

After clicking on "Allow", a new page will open and you can copy the generated API Token.

Then with the Integration name, API Key and API Token filled in Yera, you click on 'ADD' and, Yera will be now connected to your Trello account NB! The person that creates the integration needs to have created the board that

If everything is ok and executed as explained, you'll notice that Yera shows now that your Yera project is now linked to Trello.

3. Installing Yera power-up in your Trello board (Story points)

When you want to use Story Points for tickets you need to enable Yera power-up in Trello

Open up the Trello board you want to use and click on 'Power-Ups' on the top right

Then click on 'Add Power-Ups'

You have reached the Power-Up marketplace

Find 'Yera' via search and click on 'Add'

Click 'Add' again

Yera Power-Up enabled

When you open a ticket on a board, you can see the Yera power-up

Clicking on it allows to assign a numerical value to the ticket

You can see the value in ticket detail view

The values are also visible on the board

Congrats, these values will now end up in Yera!

4. Trello Yera Power-Up FAQ

  • What happens to the bits when more than one member is assigned to a single card?

    • Bits will be equally shared between them. If your team doesn't like the idea of equal distribution for the task/card, you can always break it down into different cards.
  • How do I give bits to team members like project managers who aren't assigned to any specific card?

    • Yera allows you to create reward rules to reward members that are not diretcly assigned to Trello cards (then you don't need to add them to the cards and you can still reward them).

Regarding the bits, after defining it for a card, they will be rewarded according to the reward rules you create within the Yera platform.

So, if you created a rule that gives bits when a card with a specific label (let's say "Cool Stuff") is moved from the column "In Progress" to "Done" and, only by a specific person/role (let's say the quality analyst), Yera will make sure that transfer of bits only happens when the criteria fully match.