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Tomticket Integration & Webhook setup

Tomticket Integration & Webhook setup

Tomticket is a popular help desk tool which also allows users to make help desk calls from smartphone or tablet

In this article we explain how to integrate your Yera project to Tomticket before you can start using all the features that Yera has to offer

1. First Steps - Before Integrating

Check to make sure that you have the necessary access rights in Tomticket. Go to the left side menu and click Management

Then click Account Settings and make sure you have access to both API and Webhook menu items

2. Setting up integration

Inside Yera go to the left menu and select Integrations

Click Tomticket on the right

Integration menu for Tomticket opens

Go to Tomticket and under Management -> Account Settings -> API. Copy the Token value

Add name and Tomticket access token in Yera and click ADD

New fields have appeared

In Tomticket under Management -> Account Settings -> Webhook. Add Destination URL and Application Secrect

Click on 'Save Changes'

NB! Go back to Yera and refresh the page. New field appears 'Validation code'

Go back to the created Webhook in Tomticket, enter Validation code and click on 'Validate'

NB! you need to create a ticket and close it to be able to create reward rules

3. Creating reward rules

You need to create a ticket and close it to be able to create reward rules

Go to Tomticket and click on 'New Ticket'

Fill all the necessary fields and click on 'Create Ticket'

Close the ticket. You can now create reward rules for Tomticket!

Go to Yera and click on Reward Rules -> ADD NEW REWARD RULE. Under 'Source system' pick TOMTICKET

Under 'Boards' pick Default

You can follow the rest of the process from here and contact us if there are any questions from onsite suppport chat or