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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using our (bitPerkā€™s) site you must completely agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Please take the time to read them carefully as they are likely to affect your rights and obligations.


You should bear in mind that, even though certain subscriptions may be available free of charge, the more feature-rich subscriptions are always paid. This means that placing an order for a subcription often involves an obligation to pay. When you do place an order, pay attention to the information displayed upon each step of the procedure to be certain that what you are ordering is indeed what you desire and that the terms presented are acceptable.

Right to make changes to the agreement

User guidelines (rules, restrictions, requirements)

The Intellectual Property disclosure will inform users that the contents, logo and other visual media you created is your property and is protected by copyright laws.

Governing law

All users are solely responsible for compliance with the laws in their jurisdiction and all other laws or regulations applicable under their jurisdiction. This service is not directed at or to be distributed to any persons domiciled under any jurisdiction where its distribution or the service described may be contrary to local laws or regulations. You shall be responsible for identifying the requirements of your local laws and regulations and to ensure you are not in breach thereof.


All users are solely responsible for compliance with the local tax laws applicable under their jurisdiction.

Warranty disclaimer

Limitation of liability

Payment terms

Termination of accounts/service

A Termination clause will inform that users' accounts on your website and mobile app or users' access to your website and mobile (if users can't have an account with you) can be terminated in case of abuses or at your sole discretion.


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