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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most when using bitPerk.

What is bitPerk?

bitPerk is a digital platform which offers a gamified and very transparent way to motivate your software/creative teams and connect them to the real company goals. You basically define a set of reward rules for the stuff you need to have accomplished (like deadlines, quality and so on) and when your team/people accomplish it, if approved as per your defined rules and validator, they earn automaticaly "bits".

By the way, this will take us to the second most common question.

What is a "bit"?

A "bit" is the basic unit of value used in bitPerk platform.

When you define a reward rule or define the value of an accomplished task you're basically speaking about how many bits you want to give to your team for that.

These "bits" can be later exchanged for "Perks" and, finally, this will take us to the third most common question.

What is a "Perk"?

If you take a look in the common definition for "Perk" in companies, it is described as a benefit or advantage that someone gets when working for a company.

In bitPerk platform a Perk is whatever you define for your company. Some examples are:

  • a nice and powerful laptop or gadget.
  • a massage session.
  • a new espresso machine.
  • a paid day-off.
  • a travel.
  • a bonus or 13th salary by the end of the year.
  • a tiny participation of year cummulative profit share percentage (like we do here in bitPerk for instance).

By who and where bitPerk could be used?

bitPerk could be used anywhere you need to get things done and engage software/creative teams in a transparent and effective way.

Some examples are:

  • Software houses.
  • Creative agencies.
  • Software development and creative teams inside any type of company.
  • Any task & goal orientated team.

How much it costs to use bitPerk?

bitPerk offers two options of subscription. Starter and a Business Class.

For mor informations about our options, visit our pricing page.

Yes. bitPerk platform usage is totally legal.

Who is behind bitPerk?

bitPerk is owned by Mindly. We're based in Tallinn (Estonia) and we have several years of experience building software products and solutions for the Fintech market.

Which kind of currencies or values units bitPerk supports?

bitPerk currently supports our standard unit of value called "bit" but, in our roadmap we have planned options like cryptocurrencies and FIAT (regular money).

Which task/project management systems are supported by bitPerk?

bitPerk goal is to be integrated with all mainly used project/task management and team collaboration platforms available in the market.

We are currently integrated with:

  • Trello;
  • Jira;

We have in our roadmap platforms like:

  • Asana;
  • GitLab;
  • Slack.

For integrating bitPerk with your own systems, you can check our API & Integration documentation or even, schedule a chat with our development team.

How rewards are paid in bitPerk?

Rewards payments in bitPerk occurs when a task is completed according to a defined agreement. The platform allows you to create rules of rewarding that includes parameters like:

  • role;
  • deadlines;
  • who approves;
  • types of task (flags);
  • amount of bits to be paid;
  • on time delivery adjustments (reductions in case of delay or bonus in case of delivery in advance);
  • who is the project manager, leader or QA and how much he earns when a task is complete.

Currently, bitPerk rewards are executed based on software events, like a card movement from a spefic column to another in a Trello board, for instance.

In our roadmap we have also planned rewards based on key performance indicators like quality, downtime and so on.

I like bitPerk but I don't know from where start to implement in my company. Where can I find help?

Check our implementation guidelines in this documentation portal and, don't forget that your success in implementation means also success to us. If you need professional help, we are here to assist you.

Can I use bitPerk in dark mode?

Yes. To change bitPerk to dark mode click on your name at the right corner and go to Account Settings. There is an option for changing your interface to "dark mode".